[Script] I need a script to convert "Drop down selection" to "Multiple-choice drop down"


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I have custom thread fields as "drop down selection". I need them converted to "multiple-choice drop downs".

The problem is, those fields have in total 7000 choices. And I have used/applied those fields to thousands of threads.

So, I need a solution which does not affect the field or threads or the choices (phrases). I just want the type changed.

Alternatively if that is not possible (probably because of the unique IDs), I need a script to migrate them to newly created fields (so the threads are also updated).

I don't need an addon, just a script. I enter the ID of the custom field, hit "mydomain.com/my_custom_script.php" and it runs on the server and does its job.

Shoot me am pm with your offers, thank you.

Job is taken, thank you.
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