XF 2.2 Confused by sitemaps...


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Could someone explain how XF creates sitemaps as I think I'm missing something.

The admin page says:
If this option is enabled, the sitemap will be rebuilt automatically periodically. If this option is disabled, the sitemap will only be updated when it is rebuilt manually through Tools > Rebuild caches. The current sitemap can be accessed via sitemap.php.

That link to sitemap.php is ourdomain.co.uk/sitemap.php but that contains the following:


Those 2 xml files don't exist (404 errors).

Do I have something configured incorrectly?
A rather long story short, you will need full friendly URLs enabled for the sitemap URLs that end in .xml to actually work.

Once the sitemap grows beyond 50,000 URLs it has to be split into separate .xml files, as in your case. Prior to the 50,000 URLs limit, sitemap.php will work but in reality we've seen Google ignore sitemaps unless they have a .xml extension.

Once you have full friendly URLs enabled, you can actually just use the URL sitemap.xml to access the index page and then sitemap-1.xml and so on will work.
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