XF 2 Paid mod request: URL slugs, Custom paths & Custom sitemaps



For SEO purposes, I'd like that Xenforo URLs don't change when thread titles changes, for avoiding unnecessary 301 redirections. I'd gladly pay for a mod that creates a "slug" for each thread. Each forum should have a related slug ("topics" by default, "ads" for classified ads forums, "articles" for Xenporta news...), and it also should be editable by admins on a thread-by-thread basis, for correcting typos.

On top of that, I've set one of my forums as the "editorial forum" (I'm running a Xenforo + Xenporta installation), so all threads there are in fact news articles directly promoted to frontpage. The point is that I'd like to separate those "news articles topics" from regular topics on 2 levels, for better informing Google about both kinds of content and site structure:

  • Using different paths: for instance, regular topics are /topics/xxxx, but news articles should be /articles/XXXX (this could be done through the "slugs" functionality maybe). URLs should always redirect to the right path based on thread id (for instance, topics/123 should redirect to articles/123 if that's the slug assigned to the 123 thread).
  • Using different sitemaps: "news articles" should not appear in the general sitemap, but in a separate one.

As I said, I'd gladly pay for a mod or mods covering those purposes. I'm commited to avoid nasty and unnecessary Wordpress + Xenforo integrations; Xenporta/Xenforo basic functionality is enough for a basic blog, but I need some more functionalities to make it work as desired.

Thank you!
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