Confused by Google PageSpeed Insights Results


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I ran Google PageSpeed Insights to test website page performance.

The desktop results are very good:


The Mobile results are not as good:


The Google PageSpeed Insight test results do provide some idea what's causing the Mobile Performance score of "71"...(but understanding these is confusing...and fixing them is probably beyond my expertise).

My main question is...nothing has been modified on the Mobile side of the website that hasn't been done on the Desktop version of the website. Thus why are the desktop results very good (Performance score of 99)...but the Mobile "Performance" score (71) much different?

Thanks for the reply.

The Google PageSpeed Insights lists a number of things that are contributing to the 71 Performance score for mobile:


There are additional details within each of these 3 areas (when I expand the results).

My confusion is...if nothing has been specifically modified (as far as I know) with the Xenforo software (for the mobile version of the website).

Why is the Performance score for Mobile (71) much lower than the Performance score for desktop (99)?

Shouldn't the XF software be optimized "out of the box" perform well (both desktop & mobile)?

Often those scores can be a bit different for the same page even though nothing has changed.

Mobile optimization is one thing, but a forum will always be better performing on a desktop. Hence the difference.

A large image could tear down your score as it takes too long to load.

If I’m not mistaking, the server side is also calculated within these scores, so if your server takes a bit longer to load, then your score will be lower. But I’m not entirely sure this is correct.
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