XF 1.5 Configuring phpBB 3.1.9 Beta Importer


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It refers to any prefix you've specified in phpBB to the tables in the database to ensure that they don't conflict with other applications installed in that DB. If you browse the DB, you can likely guess what it should be (perhaps "phpbb_"). Assuming the 3.1 config file is still the same, it should be in the phpBB config as $table_prefix.
All righty then. The import finished without issue, but the Thumbnails add-on I installed prior to importing completely screwed up the avatars for all of my users' posts, so I need to start over and re-import without the add-on enabled.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood the guidelines stickied to this forum, and made a backup of my phpBB board but neglected to backup my XF database. I'm guessing I need to delete everything and re-install. No worries. Things happen. What's the most efficient way to remove XF?


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If you remove the internal_data/install-lock.php file, you can go to <url>/install/ to do a reinstall. That's the quickest option.

It's worth deleting any directories within data/ and internal_data/ as well. This just prevents files written out from being "orphaned" and from taking up unnecessary space.
I've been studying the importing guide stickied to this forum, and one part of it has me really confused. I am unable to find an option in the ACP to backup the database, and I'm not familiar with third-party apps like phpMyAdmin.

What database is the guide referring to, and what, specifically, does the backup process it's suggesting involve?

My hosting service automatically backs up the MySQL database.


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You can't backup via the ACP.

You would need to use SSH if available, otherwise phpMyAdmin would work for a new installation.

I thought the guide was fairly clear.
It refers to backing up XF prior to importing.
Okay... I've configured every option I can find and customized the appearance. I'm ready to backup the database before doing anything else.

I've downloaded phpMyAdmin, but haven't the faintest idea how to use it. The documentation reads like it assumes users have a lot of programming knowledge, but it's all Greek to me.

At this point, not knowing how to backup the database is the only thing keeping me from continuing my efforts to migrate from phpBB. Is there a step-by-step guide you can point me to?
I'm trying to figured out how to set up phpMyAdmin. Is that a screenshot of its Export function?

Looking at the folder structure of the zip I downloaded, it looks like something controlled from a web browser, which tells me I need to upload it. Do I want to upload it to my XF folder, or create a new one?

EDIT: Problem solved. My hosting service already has phpMyAdmin installed. I used it to log into my board's MySQL database and found the Export button. Backup completed. :)
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My phpBB install is on my domain's root. Once I'm done setting up XF, importing and testing everything I need, I plan on removing my phpBB installation and moving XF to the root. I presume that will simply involve:

* Deleting all of my phpBB files and folders
* Moving the contents of my XF directory to the root
* Updating my XF licenses



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You'll also want to change the "Board URL" option within XF, but otherwise that's sufficient. It may be worth moving (or at least backing up) your phpBB files for a little while, in case you have any need to refer back to them.