ETA of a Beta Importer


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I performed a quick search which yielded zero results - many apologies if this has been asked before.

With regards to the recent accouncement regarding the upcoming release of a XenForo beta and early-adopters pricing; I was wondering if there was any mention of when an importer might be made available? I'd be - as I'm sure others would be - very eager to learn of when a vBulletin 3.8.x to XenForo importer might be released.

You see, I'm very eager to purchase a good five or six XenForo licenses, however they will be used as a means for me to replace and migrate away from my current vBulletin installations. I would very much like to get in there early, so to speak, and order some licenses while the discount is active. I'd just prefer for said-licenses to not have to remain inactive until an importer is made available.

I can only assume an importer won't be made available until the product goes gold. I'd certainly love to hear otherwise, though! So, are there any plans for an importer to be released shortly after the beta release? It would be like music to my ears if this were to be the case!


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I've actually thought of starting to draft a list based on some things I've seen posted but didn't get a Have You Seen, for instance Access Masks, or specifically that permissions can be applied per-user, so really better than Access Masks.