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complete new to xen....need big help!

hey im completely new to this forum installation....i know nothing and i mean it....ive already got my domain and im hosting thru bluehost....they have filezilla(which ive already dlded) and FTP...and thats all i know about installing....can anyone walk me thru step by step or direct me to some videos or any other way i can get help....ive had the license now for almost 2 weeks and ive been looking around for someone to install xenforo for me....but i guess ill just learn it on my own....please anyone help me bcuz im tired of asking people....though isabel, an user here, tried to help me but somehow couldnt make it happen due to time problem, i thank her for trying....any help will be more than appreciated
got it
but now im getting an error when i go to install
its saying
XenForo 1.1.3 - Errors
The following errors occurred while verifying that your server can run XenForo:
  • The directory /*****************/data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.
  • The directory /****************internal_data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.
Please correct these errors and try again.

my question how do i do this and where
sorry but im not getting it....when i right click(meaning right clicking on xenforo's INSTALL) on a folder i dont get the option to CHMOD....im in filezilla

i do do this in filezilla right. how do i exactly do it im having hard time


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I use Filezilla so I'll try to help you.

1. Open Filezilla. Click File top left/ then Site Manager. (Or you can use CTRL+S)

2. Site Manager is where you put the details about your site.

3. You transfer files by dragging them from left to right.

IMPORTANT Your XF files should go in a folder (directory) you'll find on your site called public html.

If you want XF to essentially BE yr site just go ahead and plonk all the XF stuff there.
If you want your site to have some "ordinary" pages - pages just to read, as well, then put XF in a folder/ directory called eg "community."
(You will need to tell XF thats what you chose later on so if you do choose this make a note of the name of the folder where you put XF stuff.)

BIG HELP NOTE! Make a folder on your pc/ Name it XF or something.
Make documents in it with notes of exactly what you do. Like a site diary for a "good student."
It helps no end if you need to track something gone wrong later.
Like you sensibly copied your error message for us here. well that would go in your site tracker until it is fixed. Actually keep it a little longer just in case.
You'll learn gradually which things really matter to note down. Errors are very important to record.
Most of the basic changes you make once XF is ready to play with are OK to leave just on the site. The admin on XF is pretty good.

4. VERY IMPORTANT Upload the XF files in EXACTLY the same pattern they arrived with you.
The folders contain more folders (subfolders). Best thing is click each XF folder you see when you open the XF main folder on your pc. Drag one main folder at a time over to the site then wait for Filezilla to load all the contents.
Then do the next folder.
Finally there are various individual files must go on the "top level" that is not in any folder just in public html.

4. You say you have problems with CHMOD or permissions. You're absolutely right this can be awkward as it gets given different names.
Find the directory (folder) just like you would on your computer. Follow the filepath the error message gives you.
A / on the left means public html your starter or root folder. What is the next name? look for that folder/ directory. Keep going till you get to the last one the message gives you.
NOW rightclick it! Filezilla offers you "File Permissions" at the bottom of the menu list.
Your error message asks you for 777 the highest level of open permissions. So tick all the boxes you see, and you should see the number box "Numeric value" change to 777.

5. Once you have that cleared up you should be able to follow the XF instructions.
Any more problems come back here and ask.
If you get any silly little schoolboy script kiddie sneering at you take no notice. There are not many here like that but there are a few anywhere you go on the net. You need to learn some software, they need to grow up - that'll take them a lot longer than what you need :)
Just keep patiently learning away and in just a few weeks you'll be able to start helping other complete newcomer admins. We ALL started out knowing nothing just the same. There's no magic trick, simply patience.

I promise you this is great fun!
i have turned all permissions to 777....still not working getting the same error....this is getting frustrating
this is the error im getting

public_html/********/community/data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.

what does it mean by "if directory deos not exist, please create it"


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i have turned all permissions to 777
this is the error im getting

public_html/********/community/data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.

what does it mean by "if directory deos not exist, please create it"
That's just a standard message.
It means that XF is trying as hard as it can poor thing to get going. It knows it needs this item so it's inserting the name of that item into your error message.
It's not clever enough to know whether the item is there but not 777 yet, or it's missing. For example someone migt upload the stuff in the wrong order so the item is not where XF expects it to be. So the message covers both possibilities - check that folder is there OR do the 777 or both.

So let's CHECK first.


Over there on your site a FOLDER is called a DIRECTORY so I'll start only saying DIRECTORY now. You need to get that because people giving you help will use DIRECTORY. Note that in your schoolbook SITE FOLDER = DIRECTORY :)

CHECK the filepath - the path through the directories your error messages gives us.
IF you have ONE directory called community immediately under public_html and XF stuff is uploaded in it
then if you open community you'll see a directory called data.
CHECK? OK then it's the 77 that needs checking.

But if there's another directory immediately under public_html, THEN community and XF stuff is uploaded in community
it looks like XF doesn't like that.
Under public_html you should EITHER have your XF directories
OR you have a directory you yourself made where you put XF.
But this filepath looks like you have a directory called ****** (whatever name is blanked behind those asterisks) and THEN you have your "community" directory. I've never heard of a forum being two steps away from public_html. I guess it could work but not on my level of skill or yours :)
So I am sorry but in this case I think you need to upload the XF bundle again.
Delete the current upload of XF.
This time either put XF straight under public_html OR make a folder called community and upload into that.

CHECK the chmod permissions 777.
Do the rightclick then File Permissions then 777 on community
Do the rightclick then File Permissions then 777 on data inside community.

By the way I have given you careful very thorough and patient help. You should at minimum click Like bottom right on my two help posts OR better, do that plus open your next post with a line thanking me as your goddess saviour and tell me I'm beautiful sexy wise and wonderful.

Seriously if you want to keep me or anyone else sweet and helpful for your next question then you pay with praise. It should be at least a bit exaggerated because you can't do eye contact or tone of voice on me.
NONE of the people who help here are paid. Only about 4 names are mods meaning they regularly help people as a recognised duty and they don't get paid either.
The fuel of the community is good manners and praise. If you don't fuel us with thanks and praise there will be nothing left in the tank to help you again.
First of all i must thankooo. And all of u who posted especially U morgain from bottom of my heart bcuz u actually have atleast gotten me to this point. Not just sayin this but this is a wonderful community always quick to respond

You're right maybe the problem is in the extra directory or folder that i have before /community. But the thing is i have a addon domain and i was told by my host that in order to have forum for this site i have to create a folder and put xenforo in it. If i do i straight under public_html it will be put on the primary domain i have not the one i want. So i dont no wat to do here. This is how the address goes public_html/mehfiltown/community/install


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What's wrong with


I dont remember my last install but there's somewhere you put in the filepath to your XF. As long as you do that giving the riught path however you did it I would think it would work. It's just that your filepath is not standard.

Why not ask SchmitzITor Jake Bunch to take a look for you? You'd have to give them your FTP username and password that you put in Filezilla so they could look. Use a PC (Personal Conversation) - on their profile page look under Information for the link to do that. Or if you get the popup on their name there'll be a link on there.