XF 2.2 Communicating Post Rights


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I hope you're all well.

I'm hopeful someone will be kind enough to offer advice/instruction on a headscratcher I can't work out.

We use the 'User Group Promotions' feature to ensure new members (Registered Usergroup) have their first 5 posts to be moderated. Afterwards, they're "promoted" to a verified usergroup (Verified Usergroup) so they can post real-time. Easy enough. When these members post, alongside their post they see a note which explains;


I want to extend this now, so new members (Registered Usergroup) can't post at all in one forum until they're promoted to (Verified Usergroup). This is done easily through node permissions, but how can I communicate this to members?

How do I make it so (Registered Usergroup) can see the forum, but they're aware they can't post in it until they post elsewhere 5 times?

If I simply revoke posting rights, it won't explain they need to post elsewhere?

Any help on the best way to achieve this would be really appreciated.



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Allow the view permission for the forum but not the post permission.

Create a notice in that forum which only displays to members who are not members of the verified user group.