XF 1.1 How to create a usergroup with special rights


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I want to use my current XenForo installation to demo the software to a professional group to which I belong - in the hope that their organization will also commit to XenForo for their organization.

Initially, I want to create a special usergroup for a couple of officers of this group so they can log in to my existing forum, but will only see a conference that I create especially for them.

Likewise, I do not want any other members of this forum to be able to see this private special members' area.

How do I define such a special usergroup, and also, how do I define a special subforum that only they will be able to see and post to, but none of my regular members or moderators will be able to see?

Create a new user group, create a new forum, set it as a private node and allow access for the user group.
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Wouldn't he need to make that group for those users, edit the other nodes permissions so that they were not able to be viewed by that group, set permissions that the node he wants them to see would only be viewable/post/etc by that group and set that node to private to meet his requirement of them only being able to see the nodes he created for them and not all nodes?
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Yes, my mistake.

I really shouldn't post when I'm doing eleventeen other things at once.
I know the feeling. That was posted in the 30 minutes I was at home grabbing a quick sandwich. 11 hours of doing assorted network related work at my local Dr. Office and then the Tax Man today. Heck... I thought I was supposed to be retired. :p
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