Cometchat and traffic


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Hi all,
Took the plunge after a few weeks' of discussions and advice, and we took the plunge to purchase @CometChat
I am wondering who else uses it and if you've noticed any changes with traffic to the site and registrations?

We'd started going from 10-20 registrations a day, to 10, to 5 then 1 every day or two every other day..
I tried everything I could think of then realised - the week previously, we'd installed this.

Our Twitter which is a lifeline for us, had also been hacked non-stop.. eventually we had it sorted. We've over 2k followers and it hit us bad with followers/following and so on.

So I reverted back to @ArrowSuites Arrowchat.
Within a week my traffic was back up and back to lots of registrations/newbies and traffic was back to normal.

I reinstalled CometChat after a borked update from Arrowchat.
Almost two weeks later, and I am back to still good traffic, but registrations barely trickling through again and most of all, likes and posts have dropped again.

I am so worried about this, and after much debating and toiling I though I would ask the XF community who uses CC and who else has seen a traffic hit and registration hit?

Here's my graph from the past month and the two peaks reflect arrowchat being reinstalled.


The gold/bronze being members joining against the weeks.

Don't get me wrong, it could be sheer coincidence - but if CC is affecting the site, how and in which way?
I've tested it using iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) as well as desktop PC and laptop..

I just can't figure out why it's happening and what's going on. It could be complete and utter sheer coincidence, but something's niggling me and I just don't know what to try.
I hope someone may have an opinion on this based upon similar instances and experiences?

Many thanks...


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Comet Chat customer here. I can't imagine why you are having this issue. I did not notice any change when installing comet chat on my site. You sure it has nothing to do with Twitter?


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Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Hmm that's it's see - I'm very unsure as to whether it's Twitter or CometChat you see.

It could be sheer coincidence of course, and most likely is, and that's why I'm asking if anyone else has got it so I can rule things out.
Very frustrating and trying to narrow it down to what.

You've never suffered any drops like that since using CC?
I don't think it's to blame I'll be honest but it does seem to be very coincidental when we drop it, our registrations bounce back up.

It's most odd. :p


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That's it, a matter of ironing things out..
So it's either CC or Twitter being the issue, we were being hacked regularly and we noticed a change on the site while the hacks were taking place.
Oddly enough?...

Okay thanks for that even if one or two people mention something that they're okay, and haven't had this issue, I know to test and try other things.
:) (y)