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Hello guys, this is the 4th time I have seen this screen in last few days.

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Hey @Brogan
This usually happens on Flexible or Full SSL configurations on Cloudflare. If you switch to Full Strict , this shouldn't happen any further.
In the last week or so, my experience of has become extremely poor and my usage very troublesome.

This ...
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 08.07.11.png

And this ....
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 08.15.04.png
.... appearing regularly.

Hover over alerts, and instead of the list of alerts appearing, the cloudflare 'error' appears in the alerts model window.

Type in a post/reply (like this) and auto-save will automatically redirect me to a cloudflare error page

Load threads/resources, and after a 10 sec, or so, timeout period of waiting, I'll get the cloudflare error or cached version page.

It's approximately 15% of my browsing time and page loads on at the moment, affected by these cloudflare issues.

If cannot get cloudflare working properly, then its clearly not the right CDN (as is my experience with cloudflare) for an XF site. Or is server having real issues and cloudflare reporting these issue indeed correct?

P.S. See my sig for a CDN that will not give these errors all the time :)
XenForo can work fine behind Cloudflare, the webserver might require a bit of tuning so the true IP is restored before any rate limiting is applied.
Thank goodness they now show an error message. Previously, when this error occurred, all you got was a blank page.
I'm curious as to why it only affects some. I've never had issues at all and still don't.
It's worth noting the CloudFlare specifically listed issues with Sydney and Melbourne (with a fix rolled out today).
This is an issue with their SSL termination servers in certain datacenters, as Mike alluded to. I experienced the same issue with their HK servers, meanwhile US servers worked fine. It has zero effect on non-SSL traffic, by the way.

BTW @Mouth the 522 you referenced and the 525 mentioned by the OP are different issues.
They are different issues but I merged two separate threads as they both relate to CF and it's better to keep all of the feedback in one thread.
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