XF 1.4 Cloudflare causes problems


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There's been lots of discussion on here about the impact of CloudFlare and what CF settings need changing to rectify. I suspect a search will give you the answers.


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The weird thing is that I've used CF before without problems. It seems like they started to happen yesterday after the IP of my webserver changed...


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Yes, cloudlfare have recently changed something which is causing many problems...again.
I have dealt with numerous reports over the last few days.

Frankly it's extremely annoying - perhaps we should start charging cloudflare...

Try disabling rocketloader.


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cloudflare is more trouble than its worth.
It certainly was for me, across multiples sites of varying traffic. Members got tired of getting the "site unavailable" error page, when I knew our site was functioning properly.

I did appreciate their offer to help iron out difficulties for one of the big boards I administrate, but none of my bigger sites are in a position to do tinkering while trying to serve content.


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Rocketloader breaks all kinds of things

I've had lots of trouble with it. I just keep it off.


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My main site the forum is residing on has been ddos'd 4 times in the last 5 months

I use cloudflare.