Cloning usergroup permissions?


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Hello! I have separate groups and am not using any sort of inheritance of usergroups on my forum, i was wondering if it would be possible to clone usergroup permissions and use that for another usergroup. Anyone know if this is possible?


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OMG I was just thinking this exact thing today. Would make handling the permissions based on Primary Usergroup and Secondary Usergroup so much easier. Currently I'm having to open 2 browser windows to compare.

At the very least, a "Split Screen" style comparison mode would be helpful.


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Copying permissions from one group to another is completely the wrong way to implement them.

That would depend on the Usergroup no? I read through your Resource there in-depth. So, lets see if I got this correct.
I have the standard Registered Usergroup as primary.

Now for some Secondary Groups. Lets say I have a "VIP Group" and a "Premium Group". They both inherit basic permissions from the primary "Registered" but both have additional permissions (such as being able to view specific boards or changing their Custom Title) which just so happen to be exactly the same. The only difference being the CSS styling properties and rank type images for each group.

In this case, I could create the VIP Group, base it off of the inheritance of the primary, and then copy all these changes to a new group which I now name "Premium" and simply change the CSS styling.

Is this correct or is my logic completely off?


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That's correct but having two identical groups with different images and styling is unusual.

Even so, as you are basing both groups off the Registered group, the additional permissions are usually limited so it is simple to set everything to Not Set (No) and adjust the few specific ones you need to change.