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The new Teams feature looks promising for those that want a group to be able to keep up a database of entries. But teams can only be assigned per resource. So sure, it looks like software development was the use case here, but how about knowledgebases/databases, etc? A wiki. So, a team could be responsible for entering all of the models and makes of Ford cars for example and keeping the entries up to date. If we could assign the team using a group, or at the category level, it would help a lot.

PS. Giving the team a name and having that name show up in the autocomplete would also be a nice bonus so you don't have to remember each name.
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Based on your user group comment, I'm not sure your use case is is actually one the feature is trying to hit.
You were quoting someone else here, but how about the use case of using Resource Manager as a wiki for a specific niche? So if you were a movie site you might have an imdb type database. You want a group to maintain it or at least certain categories. One group for Horror, one for Drama. Or the same for all. That's why group permissions, or at least setting it at the category level, would help. So if I create a category, in the settings I can see a Team setting. I create the team there. This would really help. Admins would be the ones creating categories (obviously) but not the actual resource entries. So in the use case of a movie database, the single person adding a movie is responsible for creating a team for just that movie (currently), which is silly. So I hope other use cases can be considered and this can be extended to category or group, thanks!
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I would also like to see Resources extended with an option to act as a wiki. This would add extra value to this official add-on.
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