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Core Freedom

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My 2 week old blorum is experiencing some sign up issues.

When I first tested the account myself I used a yahoo and gmail (and one additional) account to log on as a new member. No issues with yahoo but gmail about 50% never sends a confirmation email the other 50% it lands in the bulk folder.

I have had 5 people in the last two days, only 1 with gmail, who complained that they never received the confirmation email request. I see them in the pending status under 'all members' and can manually verify them but that's a tedious task if I have to do this for everyone. As it is I now have people who are unverified but haven't taken the time yet to 'complain.'

Some of the people have regular email addresses (non yahoo or gmail, etc.).

Interestingly, some members did use their gmail accounts or hotmail and it works for them.

The other issue I have is that the one person who verified her gmail account afterwards was not able to log in, saying that her password didn't match. When she tried to recover her password she was unable to, getting an error message. She was vocal enough about speaking up but many may not be.

Any suggestions or experiences?

Jake Bunce

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