Implemented CLI function to fully synchronize add-on version

Liam W

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More often than not during development, I have to checkout an older version to make a quick fix and then release... annoyingly, I can't just import this older version into XF to make the change and bump the version.

Thinking out loud, the ideal solution would be to have a new CLI method that fully imports an add-on from the file system, ignoring any version number checks etc... so please can we have one? :)

(I'd uninstall the add-on, change the version, and reinstall, but you can't uninstall an add-on if the versions don't match :(, so I have to remember the version number I was working on... or go and check it in the UI, but that takes an extra minute.)


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It's 2 commands, but doesn't xf-addon:sync-json --force handle the version change, so you can then follow it with an xf-dev:import if needed?