Add CLI flag to build add-on without needing a full XF environment


What I mean is when building an add-on from the CLI, add a flag to the xf-addon:build-release CLI command that removes the export step, and the need for a DB connection or fully installed XF instance.

This would be especially useful for development workflows that use CI/CD to build the add-on in stuff like GitLab, and by reducing the requirement to have a fully installed XF env the runtime and resource intensity would be much lower, basically increasing the efficiency of this type of workflow.

Now, from what I can tell, this might require a big change to how these commands work since they actively use stuff like \XF::app()->service(), where the main XF class requires a DB connection and full XF env, but there might be an easier way around this that I don't know about.

For our dev workflow at EdgeGamers, having our custom add-ons build automatically with each push to a repo would be infinitely faster and easier with this being the case. Right now we have to fully install XF and have a mariadb container running for XF to work and build the add-on, which seems like something that could be improved upon.

I'm sure bigger add-on development teams who utilize git/hg repos and CI/CD would be grateful for this being added as well.

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