Lack of interest Cleaning up Spam - mass mark as Spam and other suggestions


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We have been inundated recently with Spam and have had to spend ages manually going into each thread and marking it as spam then going through that process, very tedious when you have literally pages and pages of it overnight.


I would like to suggest a mass select and mark as spam via the discussion list view, with the auto option of any additional Alias' or IP's being de-spammed as well, in a small forum like ours you don't even need to go into a thread to know if it is spam or not.

There are a number of other anti-spam measures that I would love to see implimented;

The ability to deny the posting of links to a usergroup.

ACP level mass delete of users, we recently had 150+ spammers register one night-bigger sites would have much more I am sure, just being able to mass select and delete at the ACP level would be great.

I have added a question (which we didn't have previously) which I hope will slow down some of them.

Sorry if these have been previously suggested, I don't hang out here anymore, and nothing came up in a search.

Thanks for reading!