Lack of interest Classification System for threads and forums


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Some type of thread classification feature would be great...

When creating new thread...
Is the thread a suggestion? An article? A question? etc

If the tools were in place - it would allow admins to display threads according to "classification".

For example...

If it's a suggestion thread we would be able to display prefixes more prominent within the message. eg. Implemented, Under Consideration, Future, etc

we can leave out profile info, etc

If it's an article show the contents in an article format.

The same can be applied to forums - a forum classification system.

Classifying a forum would allow admins to add specific features only for that forum.

For example...
Let's say you want to classify a section as a "blog" ... features such as sidebar, Archives, Calendar, etc can be added; if it's classified as an "article" section ... show an abstract and list in blog format (thread listing page)

we can also add forum as a tab menu item

just imagine...
1 application instead of multiple applications that needs upgrading

the search function will be easier to manage ... no cumbersome search UI ... more user-friendly (less choices; less things to learn; etc)



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I can see how it would be useful, but I'm hoping that Kier or Mike make a way of hooking into the post system, to create our own thread/post type.

EDIT: I mean this to be mod controlled, not a feature.


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Sounds like prefixes?

But I agree with Forsaken. I don't see this as a core feature.


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Sounds like prefixes?

But I agree with Forsaken. I don't see this as a core feature.
He means this suggestion to be different types of threads.


Article would have a chief post style, where more information can be provided (Through thread options set through the panel I assume), and where the styling of the following posts could be made to be more comment like.

At least thats what I think he means. I can see the usefulness, however I think it would be better off being created through mods, and that Kier and Mike just supply the tools to do this that way.


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no it's not prefixes

the idea is to give admins the choice to show more or less features on a page or forum; to display features in a different manner from that of a "forum" interface

this will allow developers/admins to create something unique and fresh (from the millions of forum sites on the WEB)

for example, with xenforo (forum software) it would be great if we can convert a forum into an Article section, a Blog section, a FAQ section, a Help Desk section, or a Downloads/Plugin section - each having it's own unique templates, each having it's own features, plugins, etc

let's just say that xenforo decides they like this idea...
they go ahead a create a basic system and set up a few choices for admins to choose from

one of the choices is a Blog option for forums...

if you as an admin select Blog as your forum classification then the system will retrieve the blog templates instead of the forum templates ... it will also look for any addons that may be required

this will allow you to display titles as Blog titles and will show the abstract of your blog entry on the listing page - in other words, the forum will now have a blog interface instead of a forumdisplay page interface

the developers provide the basics and in return the community can provide addons that would extend the "blog section" ... someone can create a calendar widget; another can create an archives widget; etc, etc

(think beyond a forum software)

if you really want to simplify things you can ignore the thread classification feature and stick with the forum classification suggestion :)