Duplicate When you think to add "who is viewing threads and forums" feature


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Xenforo need to add who is online (viewing) in this thread and who is viewing forums feature to its core. Personally, We are using this features with some add-ons now but xenforo must built-in feature.

Everyone want know how many visitor online in this forum category / threads or who are online in forum categories / threads.

What You think?



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Xenforo don't care customer's requests so.
There are very good reasons why some suggestions haven't been implemented. For example, the Advanced Navigation Tabs and Sub-Tabs suggestion is the most popular one made 5 years ago and is the most popular suggestion but it still haven't been implemented:

A navigation and menu manager is probably one of our most requested features. It's certainly something we've wanted to implement for ages, but we have been held back by the sheer scale of the feature and how much code would be altered to accommodate it, but XenForo 2.0 is the perfect opportunity to look at features like this. If we had implemented something like this for 1.4, there would have been an extensive list of serious backwards compatibility breaks and a lot of what would be done (by add-on developers and end users) likely would have been broken by further changes when 2.0 rolls around. While backwards compatibility issues like this have happened before, we have endeavoured to keep them to a minimum in x.X-level releases.
You've made a couple of negative posts today regarding things that you want that for various reasons can't/haven't been implemented. I suggest you take a step back and calm down. The developers here work very hard to improve XenForo for their customers as we have seen throughout the XenForo 1.x.x series and I have no doubt XenForo 2.0 and beyond will see this forum software go from strength to strength.