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Not planned CK Editor instead of TinyMCE

Sage Knight

Well-known member
This has been mentioned a few times in several threads. I am sure there is not a dedicated thread for this request in this section.

TinyMCE does the job, but CK editor is a lot better from my own experience and the only thing I miss of vB 4.

Please consider adding and replacing TinyMCE =]


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After using the other editors on both respected softwares I have to say I prefer tinymce. Perhaps it's just bad implementation on the other softwares but i find the editor here less troublesome than the others ones on other forum softwares that are using ckeditor. Never thought i'd say that.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
Let's take a step back from the vitriol and look again at what has been said.

The YUI editor: I see nothing to recommend the use of the YUI editor in XenForo. For a start, we build on a jQuery platform, and including the YUI editor would require including YUI, which would add very significant extra weight to pages that contain the editor - which include thread_view - the most commonly-loaded of all pages.

Custom editor: I've said before, and I think convincing arguments have been reiterated in this thread, that there is no appetite or viable reason to write a bespoke editor for XenForo. There are good solutions available under Open Source licenses, and it would be bordering on idiocy to think that a proprietary editor would be as robust in the rapidly-changing browser environment as the big projects our there already.

Ability to replace TinyMCE: Yes, of course TinyMCE is tightly integrated into XenForo - it would not work if it were not so. Replacing any editor with another represents a major challenge, and is not to be undertaken lightly. That does not mean it is inextricably tied into the software with no ability to change it, just that doing so is a lot if work, and must be prioritised against the rest of the huge queue of tasks facing XenForo development.

Why TinyMCE? When we started out, we evaluated a lot of editors for suitability. Of all that we tested, TinyMCE was the best fit. Yes, it has annoying bugs, but the others had more, and in some cases they were show-stoppers. Recently, CKEditor fixed a major bug that was a significant factor in it's rejection from our selection process, so in time we may revisit a TinyMCE / CKEditor swap, but that time is not yet.
Kier said:
I think Xenforo has work to do before changing editors.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
BTW, what is better about CKeditor in your opinion ?

Don't forget about the TinyMCE improvements.

TinyMCE is working on 2.0 A few promising features.

cclaerhout has been doing a wonderful job on release updates to that people can use the current version of TinyMCE. I'm hoping he'll release the full editor one of these days (if possible)

So far the following help you to just about get there




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Strange, but I did not find any kind of "Editor" at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. :eek:

.... and those websites seem to work quite well without an "Editor" :confused:

Even more strange, I could not find any "BB code" at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. :p


Sage Knight

Well-known member
I understand maybe it is not the best from the developer's point of view. After all I am just a end user.

The new CK editor has a better UI, the BB code editor is a lot better. Less bugs IMO, though I guess this is debatable. I found it easier to use and it appealed both to BB code savy and just simple plain text users. My members also loved it a lot more, it was more versatile and did the job in the best way for us.

Sage Knight

Well-known member
Strange, but I did not find any kind of "Editor" at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. :eek:

.... and those websites seem to work quite well without an "Editor" :confused:

I think a BB-Code-Editor is an essential pillar of forums to help an average member decorate their post, put emphasis and organize their information, which is essential to good communication.

I don't know how FB, Twitter and the rest are managing as I use none of those :p