Fixed Chrome 61: page scrolling doesn't work / page scroll element detection incorrect


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Affected version
1.5.15 and prior
In Chrome 61, the scrollable page element is not detected correctly. This causes problems in a few areas:
  • Clicking a quote attribution link does not scroll the page.
  • The inline moderation overlay is not always positioned correctly when the page is scrolled.
  • Clicking a login link when the page is scrolled does not scroll to the page top.
This issue will likely apply to all 1.x XenForo releases (it's not new in 1.5.15) as it is a browser change. However, we have updated the package to 1.5.15a to include a fix for this issue. (The version is still 1.5.15 when installed; the "a" reflects the download revision only.)

If you are not running 1.5.15, please upgrade (or newer) to fix this issue.

If you are running 1.5.15, you can resolve the issue by taking one of the following actions:
  1. Download 1.5.15a and upload the files (like you're doing an upgrade). Once the files are uploaded, the issue will normally be resolved. Note that you may have cached JavaScript, so please hard refresh/clear caches if necessary.
  2. Download the attached patch file and overwrite the files with the versions in the zip. Note that these files will then be listed as having unexpected contents in the file health check.


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Thanks for releasing the patch. Is this only for v1.5.15 (i.e. can I apply this to v1.4 and expect it to work)?
The file is based on 1.5.15's version. It may work with previous versions, though we can't guarantee it and our official recommendation would be to upgrade.
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