XF 1.5 chmod 0777 error when upgrading


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I've chmod the data directory and each file and directory within.
Why doesn't the error go away so that I may upgrade the XF script??? Make it go away please!!!!
What else must I do please? I'll appreciate assistance. Thanks!

It's detecting that something isn't writable in those directories. Definitely double check permissions on all of the sub-directories. If that error is still happening, you may need to check/confirm with your host as it could be something external causing issues.
Thanks Mike. I've just upgraded servers and am working through all the issues to get things running smoothly. So it very well may be a server issue. I've tried editing permissions in FileZilla and via cPanel. No dice. So I've just submitted yet another support ticket to my host. They're tired of me - but why don't they get it right so I can stop filing tickets??? Anyway. Thanks. I appreciate the suggestion.

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