XF 2.2 Error style when upgrading from XF 2.2.12 to 2.2.13 (continue)



Affected version2.2.13
when upgrading from XF 2.2.12 to 2.2.13. style error as shown. please help. thank you very much.


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I deleted all third party styles then when I reinstalled (rebuild).
But the situation still doesn't improve
Please help
Create a fresh default style to test first (what you're showing isn't default technically).

I'm seeing a bunch of
<font size="4" color="#FF0000"><font size="4" color="Blue">

In the code at random areas. That might lead you to the problem (forum description, usergroup styling just as ideas). Maybe you don't have it closed out properly (proper HTML closing tags)
I used Russ PE+ before. after the upgrade failed so i temporarily removed all 3rd skins. now there is only 1 style left. but the problem still hasn't improved
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