ChatGPT knows about Xenforo

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The free generators I tried did a much better job.
Did you try different prompts with the same theme and different text? Prompting for ChatGPT and image generators can be very different. I mostly use Midjourney and it's less about explanation and more about short phrases that capture essence.

If I was optimizing for Midjourney, I'd make that prompt something more like:
"cinematic photo, over-the-shoulder photo, Female and Male co-workers standing, observing computer screen with wordpress admin panel, professional business setting, wordpress promo pic --v 5.2 --ar 16:9"

And here's what happened when I used your prompt:
"a woman and man standing looking at a computer screen during a web design training session. It should be in a business setting. You are viewing them from behind at an angle as they look at the computer screen. The computer screen shows the admin panel for a WordPress web site. The image should be realistic --v 5.2 --ar 16:9"

So I think getting the desired result relies a lot on knowing how the AI model works best.

I'm not a fan of the phrase "prompt engineering" but it's definitely a craft in these early days of experimentation and rapid change.
Very inspiring prompt. From ChatGPT Plus DALL-E 3
That second rendering is seriously impressive!

What is really interesting is that in a later rendition (which I didn't save), I replaced "cityscape" with "downtown Chicago." Firefly didn't get it completely right, but it did render a couple of well-known buildings, enough that I might have guessed it was Chicago.

The place settings are all wrong.
That's how we rolled in the 1950s, bruh. 😁
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