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Changing /posts/ to /threads/


Well-known member
I've seen quite a few threads that are concerned about having /posts/ redirects on the main page and forums (for the last post info). I agree that this is less than ideal from an SEO perspective (but in performance/caching terms works well) - not least when /posts/ is in robots.txt, as all of that front page link juice is wasted.

I'd like to change it so that instead of seeing /posts/xxx, I get a link that goes directly to the main /thread/ (which may then be implemented for guests only).

It looks like all of the cached values in the thread table only include things like the userid, postid and so on - but no threadid.

Is there a way that I may be able to make this change using templates only? If not, could it be possible using a plugin which wouldn't add too much weight to loading times. I'm guessing that caching the last threadid at the same time as the other values would be the logical way to do this.

Any advice would be most appreciated :).

Brent W

Well-known member
I really liked how vBSEO treated this for guests. Simply went to the first post of the thread if you weren't logged in.