Add-on [Accepting bids] Restrict all users with less than X amount of posts to only viewing threads newer than X amount of days

CZ Eddie

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Would like to be able to restrict less-known forum users from viewing threads older than X amount of days (like, one year or older).
Would be great if the restriction can be configured for only users with less than X amount of posts (like, you must have more than 100 posts).

Please submit ideas on how to implement this and your out-the-door $ estimate on providing the add-on.

It should be designed so that it can be used with future versions of Xenforo.
Assuming future versions are not wildly different from the current one of course.

We are currently on Xenforo 2.0 and will upgrade to the latest version next year.
I haven't given this too much thought but I think you could perhaps do this using usergroups, permissions, and forums.

You'd have to create forums for the threads older than say 2 months and manually do a monthly move of threads, keep redirects for SERPs, and lock those for users not in your 'newbie' usergroup.

Could perhaps create a cron to do the manual moving for you, not sure.

I'd just perhaps create a newbies area, and as they get 100 posts, allow them to gain access to most other forums. That's how I handle this. But be careful you don't get a clique of regular members trying to create a 'them versus us' feeling in the forum.
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