Can users be added to threads posts in a private sub-forum?


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I know Xenforo has the capability to make a sub-forum that anyone can post in, but users can only see their own threads (staff can see all the threads) and I know of one forum that uses this to facilitate communication with the staff.

My question is: Is it possible for add additional non-staff users to a thread like that in order to allow them to see it? The use-case I am imagining this for would be a rule violations reporting sub-forum, where we would potentially add the reported user to the thread to allow them to see and respond to a report if needed, but if there is no way to add a non-staff to a thread in such a sub-forum then that wouldn't really work.
The way that kind of subforum works is mods can see all threads but regular users can only see threads they started.

So in your scenario I think a conversation would work best between the two users (reporter and reportee) and the mod team.
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