Lack of interest Censor per forum.


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I don't know how much of a resource drain this would be, and if it would be a drain then never mind, (maybe a Mod, then?) but it would be really great to be able to choose which forums are censored.


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Do you mean having some forum where the 'swear' filter is disabled?
Or specific forum where peoples posts are moderated?

Not sure what you mean.


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A specific forum where the swear filter is enabled. Or, the ability to choose which forum(s) use the swear filter.

(I use the swear filter exclusively for games, and that way they don't affect the entire site.)


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This thread is an indirect request for alerts on thread merge / move :)
Mike said:
Finally, please keep to one suggestion per thread. This allows us to more accurately gauge the response. Massive rollup threads don't help us know the specific ideas that people are interested in.
Regardless, such a thing would be extremely hard to do and 80% of the time, be quite unhelpful information

Digital Doctor

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Alert to thread starter on thread merge is hard ? Interesting.

80% of the time, be quite unhelpful information
I guess this thread is part of your 20%.

Letting people know their thread was moved / merged is also educational (they might put the post in the right forum next time). Letting people know what happened to their thread seems like the courteous thing to do.


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