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I am happy that XF added the ability to add multiple files to resources a good while ago,

I would like to suggest a follow up and build upon that. I find it weird that this was not implemented at the same time as it makes sense, at least for me.

Suggestion is that if you choose to add a resource via URL you should be able to add more URL's to give it the same functionality as uploading several files. If adding several URL's and a download is triggered it would activate the popup as usual.

I was told in the forums that "just add different versions"... What? That is not what versions are there for and it completely ruins the download button (as it will always point to latest version), and that workaround adds extra steps for the end user who would also have to be notified that they should go look in the versions tab and ignore the obvious download button.

It shouldn't be hard to implement since the feature is already in place.
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Yes. Furthermore, when there is more than one file to download, it is interesting that the uploader can rename the file to be displayed to whoever downloads it.

This way, the person downloading will be able to see and choose the files they want, knowing their name.
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