XF 2.2 Allow users to select multiple files (photos) to post at one time


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Right now, my new forum is only allowing the selection of ONE file for upload at a time. I can't find a setting to allow the selection of multiple files / photos.

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Dragging and dropping will only do a single file.

Click on the [Attach files] button and select the files to be uploaded.

On all the other XenForo forums where I'm a member, you can upload more than one by clicking here, and then selecting multiple files from the file browser on your computer. But, my forum is only allowing one. Not talking about drag & drop. Clicking where it says, "Or click here." On other XenForo forums, I can do multiple files that way.

There isn't a setting for it - it's standard functionality.

Submit a ticket with an admin log in and someone will take a look to see what's happening.

To clarify though, Froala has never supported multiple uploads. The previous Redactor editor did.
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