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When adding a resource there is a field for Support URL. This makes sense if you use the XFRM to host software, but makes no sense if the RM is used to host documents, ebooks, links, articles, reviews, etc. Which is what most sites do.
In such cases this field only confuses users, because it asks for data that the user cannot give.
Please add a setting to turn this field off.
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I find that there now is an option to disable it. I'm not sure if I had simply missed it or if it got implemented in XFRM 1.2.3
That option has been there since XFRM 1.0.

It's not the same as what you suggested though. You asked for a category toggle. I assumed from your message you'd found a category based option.

But, yeah, either way, that option has pretty much always been there :) You'd just need to use a template conditional if you wanted to disable it on a per category basis currently.
I had overlooked the option. Its still best to have a category option.

Its the word 'alternative' in alternative support URL which made me misunderstand what this option does. At first glance it the option description looks like there can be multiple support URL fields. An Alternative to the original support URL field. Completely misunderstood. Thanks.
Its great that versioning has become optional for Resources. But I am a bit surprised that the same line of reasoning has not been applied to support URL. If the XFRM is not used for software then its very unlikely that there is a need for a support URL.

Please consider to make this function optional or to disable it when versioning is disabled.
This has been adjusted to a category option in RM 2.1:

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