I say xf, and I type xenForo or xenforo I don't personally like XenForo or XF, xF ... looks weird.

I say, stick to the logo, win will be epic.


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It's mainly because the big X in the logo didn't look great, though we could experiment again. Officially, it is XenForo.

If it's officially XenForo, then here's an idea-- in the logo try making the X a little bigger, but not as big as a full capital X. In height it would be halfway between the height of the lowercase letters and the capital F.


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And what is the official abbreviation? xf, XF, xF, XenF (which is like Senf in German, which means mustard or also giving someone your opinion as in you give someone "Senf":p)

I actually like "xen".



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XF is the right one.
Logo should also be XenForo. The X could be a little bigger than the capital X or a little smaller with a different color. xenForo does not look that good.
Just my 2 cents.