RM 1.1 Can't upload large files


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I can't seem to upload files that exceed 10MB to Resource Manager. I get the following error:

Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.
  • updated the setting in Options for Resource Manager
  • updated php.ini (upload_max_filesize and post_max_size)
  • updated PHP Max Post Size for cPanel PHP in Megabytes and PHP Max Upload Size for cPanel PHP in Megabytes via Tweak Settings on WHM
  • restarted Apache
I should be able, based on those settings, to upload files up to 150MB, but it's topping out at 10MB.



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When you get an error like this while uploading, it would indicate that none of the data (POST or uploaded file) actually made it into PHP/XenForo. This is just the first place that uses it.

That will point to a server limit. You should look at a phpinfo output to ensure that the php.ini changes you made are being reflected as expected. If so, there could be general Apache request size limits. There are a few discussions here: https://www.dokuwiki.org/faq:uploadsize