RM 2.2 Can't upload files


At the moment I can't upload a file in the Resource Manager.

Good to know is that I moved the website to a new server. I used a DirectAdmin Backup file but maybe there is an issue with folder, rights or something?

I have issues with .jpg and .pdf. Files are smaller then 1mb and max size should be 64M.

When I upload the file a see a counter and it looks like the file is uploaded, I see the file name below, see screenshot. When add all texts and save the file, the system tells me to upload a file or add a remote URL.

Any idea what to do? It worked before on my other server.



  • Upload-error.webp
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I just found in the manual that the folders /data and /internal data must be set to 0777 and it was 0755.

I changed the folders recursive to 0777 but the problem still exists.
I just changed /data and /internal data folders to 0777 recursive.

Didnt do anything else then above. So maybe I have to do that? Do you know where can I find more info about this settings?
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