XF 1.5 Can't Upload Files over a certain size

Hi, there.
It's my second call for support today, it seems.

I'll try to be brief, but detailed.
I'm running some tests on my forum at the moment, and I seem unable to upload files or resources over 100kb, for some reason. I've checked my Admin Panel, and everything in there seems correct.

I've also checked the php.ini file and adjusted filesizes accordingly and restarted the httpd.
It doesn't seem to be working.

I just get the following message:

The following error occurred
There was a problem uploading your file.


It doesn't give me any other error log as far as I can see, so it's not very specific.
I've tried switching off the Flash Player, and I have the same issue, so I prefer to keep it on.

I've made no progress on rectifying this error.
I understand if people are busy, I'm just a bit surprised I've not received a reply yet. Is it that difficult a problem, or is something that's asked often? I did Google it, but they didn't give me any answers, so here I am.

I appreciate any help I can get. ^^

Thank you~


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If you are able to upload files and images below a certain size (you didn't say what that size is) then it's going to be some sort of server limit.

It could be any one of these settings in PHP:

MySQL settings which may be involved:
Nice to see you again, Brogan. You're just my helping angel today, aren't you? ^^

In my PHP settings, I've adjusted:

However, it didn't fix the issue.
My current max_execution_time is 30. Is there one you'd recommend?

I'll have to check my MySQL settings, as I haven't done that - but I'm not sure what to edit there!

Thank you, though.


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Depending on server configuration, it could be something like a my.ini file.
Or they could be set in a global .cnf file somewhere - e.g. mysql/bin/my.cnf.

What is the maximum size file you are able to upload?

Are you sure the php changes have taken?
You can navigate to /admin.php?tools/phpinfo to double check.
I'll give a find for those filenames.

The forum doesn't seem to be allowing any file above 100kb to go through. It uploads to about 99%, then comes up with an error.

My PHP configuation is as follows:
upload_max_filesize = 10M
post_max_size = 20M
memory_limit = 128M
max_execution_time = 60

I'll get back to you on the MySQL situation.

There's no my.ini, global.ini or another my.cnf anywhere. I'm not sure where to look XD; But running the find command didn't help at all.
Also, I was wrong - it goes straight up to 100%, but then denies the picture with the error.

Turns out, I don't have a mysqld.service file anywhere, or a MySQL directory, which is strange since the service is running. My site wouldn't be up in its database if it wasn't! I'm right confused.
I don't think I am. I'm running a VPS, and I have root access. I'm not very good with server terms. Autism, heh. I'm still getting used to it all.

Do you have any idea where I might find those files?
I most certainly meant 100kb. 100MB would probably be easier to manage, but I'm not so lucky.
I don't know why it's so small, especially since I can't find any issues! It's rather frustrating.

As of now, I am not explicitly trying to upload anything. I was running general tests to see if it was working, and it turns out, it's not.
So I'd be rather happy if I could get any file above 100kb to upload, but I'm struggling to do that. :T


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As of now, I am not explicitly trying to upload anything. I was running general tests to see if it was working, and it turns out, it's not.
Are you able to upload any files or images, even ones smaller than 100KB?

It's not really clear now whether you can or cannot.
My apologies if I'm being unclear. It's certainly not my intention.

I can upload any file smaller than 100kb (As tested with a couple of small pictures at 20kb and 60kb respectively) but anything above 100kb doesn't seem to upload.


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Right, I just wanted to confirm that the actual function/process works.

It still points to a server limit but as Chris said, it's an unusually low limit.

Chris D

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We're certainly of the opinion that, if you can upload smaller files, it must be some sort of server limit or configuration in place. With that in mind, your server support team would be better placed to point you in the right direction of what to change.

As well as MySQL it could be a directive set in your web server config, or some other server software like suhosin.
Alright. Thank you. I'll try and contact my support team, as I'm completely lost as to where I should be going, considering it's such a small filesize.

Thank you very much for your help, and I hope you don't have to see me again too soon. ♥