XF 1.3 Cannot save SEO option


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Hi All

I am facing with this error once I save SEO option

Fatal error: Access level to vw_Settings_usefriendlyurls_Model::rebuild() must be public (as in class vw_Settings_Base_Model) in /xxxxxxx/xxxxxx/public_html/forums/vault/core/model/settings/usefriendlyurls/vw.php on line 20
Please help me to fix it.
Thanks in advance.

forum error.png

Chris D

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Are you sure you've done that?

Because the files referenced in the error don't belong to XenForo. I would guess that they belong to VaultWiki. And you certainly have VaultWiki installed: http://forums.bsdinsight.com/index.php?wiki_index/

Did you disable VaultWiki and the XenForo Vault Wiki add-on and try again?

Code shouldn't be executed from Vault Wiki if the Vault Wiki add-on has been disabled.