cannot reply to conversation (userend problem)


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Now this issue is a bit different. One of my moderators cannot reply to a conversation but he can if he starts his own and invites others. That is weird. I checked the account permissions and they were normal (just like the other moderators). He has a very powerful computer/ latest os (Win 7 pro, AMD Phenom II 964 Black quad core. 4 gigs ddr3. Gigabyte ultra durable 3 mobo. It's a high power gaming computer. 600watt supply. GTX260 vid card.) and latest browsers (ie 8 and firefox) and he's also tried dumping browser cache but none of that worked. He also allowed me into his account and I could reply to pcs like normal so I can confirm its a problem at the userend. Now does any have any idea what could this be.



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It could be something weird with his browser cache.
Ask him to clear the cache totally and do a forced refresh.

Can he also try installing another browser such as Chrome or Firefox and trying with those?

What error does he receive when he tries to reply?


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What do you mean by "can't reply"? Does he get the option to? Text box? "Reply" link on the messages?

Keep in mind that the conversation creator has the ability to lock the conversation.


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I haven't seen the problem and it seems to work fine now. He will post about it here probably with a screen-shot when the issue reappears. Thanks for your help. :)


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I have the same issue now, I (administrator) can't respond to conversation from a member but can start a new conversation.

Using XenForo 1.1.3, Blush skin from Xenique, XenTag & a few anti-spam addons that I've been using on several forums since ~September, FireFox 19.0.2; no high-end gaming PC here, just an el-cheapo $400 laptop from Costco. :D

Same issue using Opera 11.64; ditto for Default Style using FireFox.


There is a paid add-on that displays the lock icon as a visual indicator, as well as, provide an option to allow admins/mods to always reply to locked conversations.