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RM 1.1 Cannot create new category

Haven't modified the Resource Manager in a while, but now I need to add a category to it and it fails me after pressing the 'Add Category' button on the admin panel:


I wouldn't know where to start looking... We're on XF 1.4.6 and RM 1.1.6. This is the list of installed addons:

Anyone got any clue?
Well that was quick :) You appear to be right, thanks. As the need for this addon was merely an inheritance from the first RM version, I see it is no longer necessary anyway because of RM core permission feature. Thanks.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Check everything thoroughly after uninstalling just in case it affects any core functionality - that has happened in the past when we have implemented features which have previously been covered by add-ons.