RM 1.2 New category do not show discussion tab


I have created a new Category without a parent category.
The category have no files to be uploaded, only URL info, so only "Do not need file" is selected.
A post is autocreated in a forum and that works.

But no tab for discussion is created on the resource page. Not even if there is more posts in the thread.

I have probably missed some checkbox somewhere, but I cant find it.
Looked in the "Resource Category" page, the "RM options" as well as in the user group rules.
No alternative pops out as the one...


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I don't see the RM on your site as a guest, so it's hard to confirm exactly what's happening.

But you're saying that the thread is created, but it doesn't link from the resource to thread? What about from the thread? Does it have the special resource styling, as well as the tabs across the top of the page?

The only time it wouldn't show the discussion tab (assuming a thread was created) is if you don't have permission to view the thread.


Thanks. I removed the resource from the official site and I am testing it on a dev-site for now.
I think the users Ive tested with have the correct rights to view it.
But I'll double check and will test without any restrictions to begin with.