Fixed Cannot access other nav tabs

Chris D

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Per this fix:

You've done a great job improving this. On iPhone I now see more which is great.

Sadly, however, it has hidden the nav tab drop down.


This is a suggestion for a fix: What if, in this scenario, pressing the one remaining tab would open a menu containing the other tabs.

It would involve decorating that tab as such with the 3 lines to indicate that was the behaviour but I think it could be the best of both worlds.

Easiest fix is to not hide the nav tab drop down but then a big portion of mobile users won't benefit from the aforementioned fixed bug/suggestion. Because it seems to me like if the nav tab drop down remained in the navigation area, the only choice then is to collapse the account/inbox/alerts menu. And although I like that menu, it is rather tedious sometimes not being able to load your current alerts in a single click.


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The issue here is simply that the menu icon isn't appearing for you. It doesn't happen with me as "Mike", though I appear to be able to reproduce it with a longer name.


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I'm able to reproduce it, and I think it's quite a big issue. I rank that navigation higher than Inbox / Alerts. (y)