Calendar [Paid] 2.1.10

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  • I want this calendar to view event by user or usergroup, export to .csv (exel) by user/usergroup too
  • Usergroup/user cant view other usergroup/user event
  • A usergroup forced turn on location to post on calendar they can`t write location manually...

Is possible to do that please???


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NixFifty updated Calendar with a new update entry:

Version 2.1.10

Note that the next major update will hard require XF 2.2 and PHP 7.2 or greater.
  • Add an option to create a waiting list when an event has maxed the number of attendees allowed. If someone ends up changing their RSVP to not going, users on the waitlist are notified.
  • Add the ability to order events by the number of attendees.
  • Event owners can now see a printable list of attendees.
  • Create a news feed item when a user RSVPs to an event.
  • Allow users to RSVP anonymously to an...

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That's the issue I'm talking about

If that's persist, or haven't been fixed, than most likely I won't pay for it.


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Nix, I understand the old phrase 'When it's ready' - but do you imagine the next version of this addon will be released within months? Ofc it will be compatible with 2.2 only, so after that - but any indication at all? Excited for upcoming features! Thanks.


This looks very interesting, however I have some pre-sales questions:

  • Is it possible to customize the "going" page to show a more compact view, incl. a custom field? And without the "new member", "messages" stuff. Something like:
Name - Custom field
Name - Custom field
Name - Custom field
Name - Custom field

  • Can you invite a group to an event?
  • Can events be restricted to groups?


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The add-on author, no.
Google, depends upon your usage. You'd have a very busy site to be outside google free service range.

So can I use it, as when trying to create the account, is asking me for upgrade for 3 months, which I'm confused a bit, and I don't really wanna pay . No my forum is not very busy. So I will get charged to use google maps api ?