Fixed  Bug with Cyrillic symbols


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I've been having problems reproducing this, though no one else seems to have a problem. :)

It seems that there are situations where it doesn't happen, but I don't see any reason why that's the case.

What browser are you using, and can you reproduce it with others?


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I have these problems with the umlauts too. But its weird, because i can`t reproduce everytime :confused:

But here is an example:

Browser: Safari & Firefox


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This is fixed now. Really weird bug. The word wrap regex was supposed to match \S{50} (50 non-white-space characters), but it seemed to be triggering when it shouldn't. When I flipped it to [^\s]{50}, which is logically identical, it worked correctly.

Also, the reason I couldn't reproduce it was because I was mostly doing tests on my local forum, and it didn't happen there, so it looks like it may be a PCRE bug.


Good job, amazing how the team just actually listens to customers and fixes bugs within reasonable time. It's still possible!