Not a bug Bug - Test & Sample

Bug - Test & Sample

I can replicate this bug in the xenforo, look at the title, the special character & is different to the inside the post.

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Same bug in the 3 browsers in 2 different computers.
Firefox 49.0.2
Edge 38.14393.0.0
Chrome 54.0.2840.99

Iam using Browsers in Windows 10 PT-PT, iam Portuguese.

Chris D

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He is using one of the different styles we have. One of our styles uses a different font to the default style you are using. In that style, it uses the same font everywhere. In the default style we have a different font in the message text to what we use everywhere else. That's what you're seeing; the same & character in two different fonts.


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We don't control how individual characters are rendered beyond the font in use. If you don't like the fonts, you're free to change it on your own site.

But yes, that would be totally normal and acceptable.