Browser Support


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I've been surfing xenForo with Chrome, but haven't tried with the other browsers yet. How 'bout you? What browser are you using, and does it hold up as the CSS driven product that it is? I'd especially like to hear from any IE6 users, if there are any, since I don't have that browser on any of my machines.

One thing I noticed right away - and I'm loving it - is that I can use keyboard shortcuts for WYSIWYG text formatting in Chrome. I can't do that with "that other forum software". I'm a shortcut junkie, so this is a big plus for me. :D


It's got excellent browser support. I have tried about 7 so far, old and new versions, on windows and mac.


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I tried with the newest version of Opera, and with Chrome, and both work perfectly. I'd try others but I'm still at work, and don't want to keep opening up applications through VNC.