XF 2.2 Broken image in link unfurl

C Allingham

There appears to be a broken image icon next to my domain name tvwbb.com in unfurled links to my own site, yet it's working fine for links to other sites. Where does this image come from and why is mine broken? My first thought is it's the favicon, but I've had that working correctly on my site since installing Xenforo in Feb. 2020.

Let's find out.

Apparently not, but unlike on my site it's not showing a broken image icon.

Let's try one of your pages.

Working. Hmm.
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I checked the style settings and the favicon field was blank. Added the value and it's now working. Not sure how that happened because I'd swear favicon was working when I initially installed Xenforo.

Anyway...thanks for confirming that favicon was the culprit.

By the way, which style element provides your square xenForo logo to the left of the link and text description?

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