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Bridge for Vivvo? or Volusion?


I manage a site for a friend that is using Volusion as his store, Vivvo for his CMS, and VB for his forum.

I would love to migrate his forum to xenForo, but the bridge is important.

Are there any plans for a "Bridge" between Vivvo/xenForo , Volusion/xenForo, or any combination of the 3?

PS - I've told no less than 10 people that are using VB, that it's time for them to switch to xenForo!
Love it! Keep up the good work!


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I do a ton of vivvo customizations and have already started to tinker around with a bridge between vivvo and XF. I built a custom SSO solution that bridged vivvo, vb and a custom ROR CMS for a client and it works like a charm.

What version of vivvo your friend using? 4.1.x or 4.5.x ?


Bob, sorry I didn't respond to the original post.

This is great news, I'll download it this evening!