Bravo XF Team!


I haven't even owned my XF license for more than 24 hours yet and already I'm absolutely blown away at how intuitive it was. Prior to purchasing, I was researching skins to buy that looked similar to my vBulletin skin. After a mere hour or so of using XF's template system, I was able to achieve the look I wanted from scratch with CSS edits only at this point.

In general, the software is a joy to work with. I'm still using a test site at the moment, but am looking forward to launching and letting my members take it for a spin. My previous vBulletin template was highly customized with CSS (unrecognizable as vB for the most part), so considering how close I was able to make it look already in XF, I think my members will feel right at home from the getgo.

In just a few days or so, you'll have another 1,000,000+ board using your software. Night and day difference between XF and vB. I'm amazed, really. Bravo!


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From Denver, CO.... I could only HOPE you are with

Either way, welcome to XenForo. Glad to see another excited customer.