XF 1.5 Bounced Email Handler

Under Email Options, specifically the Automated Bounced Email Handler section, is the following:

"This option will read and remove emails from the specified account when processing. It MUST be directed to an account whose sole purpose is collecting bounce emails from this XenForo installation. A value must be entered for the "Bounced Email Address" option."

I run multiple sites, each with their own domain, but all of our bounced emails go to a single address, bounce@mps.com. Will this be a problem or create issues since several Xenforo sites use this same address?
So... let me answer my own question for anyone else who might come along and try this... DON'T! It doesn't really break anything, but on whatever cron it fetches email on, it fetches ALL of the bounced emails in the inbox, whether they apply or not. You need to make a seperate bounce email for each site.