BOTM: Very slick looking Xenforo site.


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The style is flexile just changed to purple and with a background.
Anyways not bad.

EDIT: Nevermind, just realised that the homepage is wordpress using the xenforo bridge.

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Very nice !
Did you make your own Wordpress Style ?
Can you describe the "Nuts and Bolts" of your site ?
are you using xfrocks Wordpress bridge ?

Your posts are white background with white text so far.
I couldnt see the text on the above post.
Firefox 3 here.
WORK IN PROGRESS !!! lol... got about 5 hours work done last night starting from a fresh install.. my first XF site so yes please bare with me..

Did you make your own Wordpress Style ?
No not my own WP style.. using XFRocks bridge and style adapter (it is my own XF style tho and again only 5 hours old / work done)... altho the adapter is not pulling the correct data for the WP section.. i am thinking i will need to create my own WP style to match (shouldn't take long tho it's on css :p ).

Can you describe the "Nuts and Bolts" of your site ?
right now it doesn't even contain holes for the bolts lol... nuts and bolts coming soon... got a lazy week by the looks of it so i can get some work done on it finally :)

are you using xfrocks Wordpress bridge ?
Yes as with the adapter.. altho it's limited... so i will most likely create my own bridge / WP style to suite the site, the current solution / adapter is only pulling certain parts of the XF style and not all of it so it would seem i will need to code my own WP style to match (again wont be hard to do).

Very nice !
Thanks, but i did jump the gun on your thread lol.. got about 5 hours worth of work done last night and that's it, give me a few weeks and it should really turn some heads :)

Which "style adapter"
Yes but well it's not even close to fool proof, and fails in many ways.. i will create my own WP style most likely as this "Dynamic" thingeee isn't quite so "Dynamic" fails in several area's (Take nothing away from the designer !!! he's made an effort !!)

I say the problem is the white background !
IMA WORKING ON IT !!! :p relax lol... got about 5 hours work on it last night and went to bed.. give me a week then you can criticize my new site / style :p.. as for the white BG as ima working on my site now i will fix this lol... I have a lot of clients / custom designs to work on so time developing my personal sites is not what it should be so please bare with me... WORK IN PROGRESS means just that... was hoping by the time anyone read this thread i would have the style complete'ish enough to handle some feedback lol...
Clearly, we have different tastes.
LOL... one thing you learn after 5+ years working as a webmaster... you can not please everyone.. albeit design, content, members.. one can only aim to please the margority.

EACH TO THEIR OWN.. stuff i like dosn't appeal to everyone.. took me a while to learn.. i do find tho it's best to just say "Hey nice work" rather that "Hey that looks gay".. you will find your sites get hacked a lot less lol



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Thanks for the compliments, it's been a lot of work to get going.

Totally agree on the not being able to please everyone it's rough. It depends on what the site is being used for and who's going to use it. If I was designing a professional site it would look VASTLY different. I work as a web developer for a living and forums are mostly my hobby. I find it a lot of fun to match how something needs to be used to each client I work with. It's what makes it challenging for me.


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Mate i just clicked "Off-Topic" to create my own XF thread.. altho my thread name was going to be much better that yours (XFBOTM) :p

OK this is a work in progress and has only had 5 hours work done.. so yes i am shooting early:

MY SITE: <--- work in progress

+1 for: Formula 1 Stats

EDIT: STICKY THREAD !!!!!!!!! / rename his thread to XFBOTM !!! :p
Do you do custom jobs? I could use a forum redesign...
I said something yesterday on another thread about your site. I absolutely love your site design.
It is coming along very nicely!
Thanks Peggy.. i saw your post :) i must add tho that was only about 5 hours work and even that said i wasn't running on very much sleep, it's heading in the right direction tho.. give it a week or so and i hope to have something special up there.. much easier running a site you have an interest in that chasing money, i do have a strong interest in motorbikes so hopefully i can produce a solid outcome.

Cheers for the feedbakc :) I do have several custom jobs on atm so working on my personal sites is a juggling act for now, trying to find solid full time online work, but as it stands i am juggling several things atm.

Take care all :)

EDIT: Peggy stop changing your avatar lol... it's hard to track you :p